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2020 Redlands Coast Business Expo

Thursday 16th April| Sheldon College | 155 Exhibitors | 1000+ Guests 


Would you like to give voice to your business and share with a whole load of people who could benefit from, your passion, products and services? Now’s your chance!

We are very pleased to present this very special invitation to you, if you’d like to apply to be 1 of 8 Give Voice To Your Business Exhibitor Partners at the expos.

How does the Give Voice To Your Business work?

  1. You will be 1 of 8 Only Give You Voice to your business, participants.
  2. You will be given 15 minutes to get up on the Expos Soup Box and share your passion
    and how your business services and brings value to your region.
  3. An outstanding platform: To launch a book, launch a new business, a training program
    or anything you want to showcase and speak about that will benefit this region.
  4. Invite them to buy your product, service or give them the opportunity to meet you and
    do business together.
  5. Most importantly… provide you with a very exciting and cost-effective way to market
    anything you want to talk about from the Soap Box that will help the audience.

What’s included in Give Voice To Your Business package?

  • Prime exhibitor position at the expo with a larger 3m x 3m space (Value $595).
  • We will promote your speaking spot through all our marketing for this expo.
  • Special how to speak and enrol people from your presentation training session.
  • Contact list of all expo exhibitors there on the day.
  • Recognition from Paula Brand and Presenter, at the official launch of the expo.
  • Be promoted via all expo databases Estimated to be approx… 30,000.
  • Included in Facebook Events page marketing estimated 75,000 people reach.
  • Be 1 of 8 speakers and deliver a 15 minutes, from the expos Soap Box presentation to
    the audience you have in front of you to market you and your products and services.

The investment to be a Give Voice Speaker at the expo?

  1. With your application approved (we sent you from your request to apply).
  2. The investment is $1,100 including GST, paid within 7 days of approval.
  3. A completed registration form sent back to us, so you’re officially registered.

What’s Next?

Thank you for taking the time to read the details. It would be a pleasure to have you join us as a Give Voice To Your Business Speaker at the expo.

If you’re interested in applying, please download the application form below:

Give Voice to Your Business – Application Form

Send the completed application form to We will then review your application and we can discuss further.


2020 Redlands Coast Business Expo
Thursday 16th April | Sheldon College | 155 Exhibitors | 1000+ Guests

To book an exhibitor stand only – you can do it online – takes 5 minutes.

Hope you can join us. Look out 2020 here we come!

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TinaX Speaker Application

Apply to speak at Tina-X, a special event for business women at the Small Business Expos.

Please apply for the BEST topic category for your area of expertise and remember, you are an expert guest speaker on the TinaX ‘couch’ – so consider this when you complete your key messages and takeaway.

As a Tina-X Speaker, it is highly likely that the engaged audience will want to spend more time with you, for that reason you are required to book a stand at the EXPO and direct them to visit you after you speak.

You will also be expected to promote the fact that you are speaking to your fans, followers and tribes on email and social media leading up to the event.

Please make sure you download the speakers agreement before you apply so you know all of the requirements, outcomes and expectations.

Download the agreement and proceed with the application here:

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